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[Entertainment]Criss Waddle flaunts bundles of cash in his car

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Arab Money Gang (AMG) Business CEO, Criss Kwaku Waddle, has flaunted bundles of cash all splashed in his car.

In the short video, the rapper revealed that the money is not his.

AMG CEO, Criss Waddle
AMG CEO, Criss Waddle

He wrote:

“Money is not for me I repeat, the money is not for me, I’m as broke as my enemies”

criss waddle networth

Watch video below:

Criss Waddle is well known for his flashy lifestyle which many said is as a result of his involvement in fraud. All these allegations doesn’t have any substantial evidence anyway.

Criss on multiple occasions have said that he’s a gentleman who’s into Real Estates and that fraud is something he’s not associated with.

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