[Hot Stuff] “I’m Okay With Sex Scenes” – Curvaceous Ghanaian Actress, Purfcie Conna (Photos)

Curvaceous Ghanaian actress, Purfie Conna, just might still be a long shot from being a household name in her country as an actress but she’s fast becoming a public figure on Instagram.

Purfcie who goes by the name ‘Pufcieconna’ on the social media platform, has a picture that went viral in the Instagram ‘search’ section that so many Instagram bloggers reposted.

The reason the marketing executive is such a sight for sore eyes is so plain to see merely by staring at her.

In a recent chat with Potpourri, Purfcie explains why her acting career has not been on the up and up, and states her readiness to take the stage by storm.

“Way back after my Senior Secondary School I featured in ‘Crime to Christ’ by Venus Production. I was in a club section. Right after that I had to go to school in the western region of Ghana, that is Takoradi. Name of School is Takoradi Polytechnic, now Takoradi University.

So I had to stop everything and concentrate on my education. After my Polytechnic, l had to do my National Service and work as well, so, there was no time for acting. I later had to school again which was in the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

I was featured in an award music video last year and this year I was introduced into acting again, so, I think I will take it seriously this time around. I have been in about three movies/series which are yet to be premiered”, she said.

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