[+18] “You Beautiful Inside Outside.” Nudist Desire Luzinda Consoles Judith Heard (Explict Photos)

Ugandan Socialite Judith Heard seems to worry about nothing after the leakage of her nude photos on social media platforms to the public


Madevibes has got to know one of her lovers disclosed her arousing nude pictures.


Our Scoops have learnt that the photos were taken in uk afew years ago and they have leaked from her email just like she claimed 5years ago

The public viewing of her elongated ropes between her legs has left men experiencing scrotal eruptions

Many men a looking for way to her private/public parts


After the leaked nudes of JH she has become the subject of trolls on the internet

Look who is at her defense is a local musician Desire Luzinda whose nudes were leaked in 2014 by her nigeria boyfriend


Jh is beautiful inside outside you know what i mean


This is not the first time Judith heards nudes are leaking on internet

See all the tweets and explicit photos below

Check out Desire luzinda’s tweet

Check out her facebook post below

Judith heard replying nbs after5




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