4 Things Mowzey Radio Wanted To Accomplish

Death robbed singer Mowzey Radio from us and he had many life plans before his demise.

Radio died on Thursday last week following a vicious bar fight from which he sustained head injuries. He was buried on Saturday in Nakawuka, Wakiso district.

Below are some of his unfinished businesses;

1.He wanted to go back to school

In an interview last year, Radio said he wanted to return to school and study music production and sound engineering. At the time of his death, he had not started yet.

2. Wanted to resume drawing and painting.

The one thing many people did not know about Radio is that he was a good artist and he had a passion for it. Joining Leone Island, he got Jose Chameleone’s attention by drawing a beautiful portrait of him. He had however walked away from the drawing board, pouring himself more into music where he found great success.

3. Move out of Neverland, Makindye

Neverland is Goodlyfe’s home. It has been under contest since the duo, Radio and Weasel fell out with their former manager, Jeff Kiwanuka who claims part ownership. The boys were, apparently advised by elders to build separate houses which they have been constructing. Radio’s house was nearing completion and he was planning to move in.

4. Angel music

In his last songs, the word, Angel music was common. That is the name of the label Radio was soon going to launch under which he wanted to promote young talent. His gospel album was also a product of the label.

Rest in Power Mowzey Radio🙏


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